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Calms dry and wet coughs, reduces mucus. Adhesive mucus barrier on the upper airways. Innovative food supplement based on snail slime for the treatment of dry and productive coughs which facilitates the removal of mucus.

It's a food supplement which, thanks to the synergy of its film-forming and mucus-adhesive ingredients, is an adjuvant in the case of both dry and productive coughs. The formula of Lumadea cough oral suspension helps to calm coughs and facilitates the physiological removal of mucus through two mechanisms:

1. It protects the mucosa of the upper airways thanks to the mucus-adhesive properties of its ingredients, forms a hydrating and protective barrier, a film with a barrier effect, which limits contact with external agents especially in those situations in which one is more exposed to offensive environmental conditions for the upper airways.

2. It promotes the hydration of the mucosa and mucus by promoting expectoration.

How to use: We recommend taking one spoonful (15 ml) two to four times a day. Lumadea cough oral suspension can be taken as such or diluted in a small quantity of warm liquids (water, milk, tea or infusions...). Shake well before use. Once opened, close the bottle tightly after use. The formation of sediment or slight deposit is due to the presence of plant extracts and does not alter the quality of the product. Any variations in color or taste are attributable to the vegetal origin of the extracts contained in the product. Quality and effectiveness remain unchanged.