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  • Snail slime
  • Beauty salad
  • Vegetable unsaponifiable
  • Salicinic acid
  • Shea Butter

Fresh Go Purify is formulated with the exclusive Fresh Face complex: extremely pure COSMOS certified snail slime and beauty salad (organic rocket hydrolyzate and organic pumpkin and cucumber extracts) Fresh Go Purify, a purifying face cream, is indicated for skin imperfections on the face. It helps reduce the visibility of pores and purifies the skin with excess sebum. Enriched with vegetable unsaponifiables, a mixture of salicylic acid derivatives with a sebum-normalizing and purifying action.

How to use:
Apply to the face morning and evening after thorough cleansing.


Purifying Face Cream 50 ml
Purifying Face Cream 50 ml Sale price€35,00