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Cleopatra | High Extension Mascara

A creamy formulation that covers the eyelashes with a thin film of color allows good definition and lengthening of the eyelashes thanks to the liposomal snail serum. the long hold is obtained with the use of two different high-adaptation gelling agents and 3D fibres.

For a spectacular result, curl and volumize lashes in a single stroke, for a perfect and fashionable look, giving a shiny and shiny effect to your lashes while highlighting your eyes.

HOW TO USE: apply the mascara in a single gesture from the root of your lashes towards the tips to increase volume in just an instant. use the tip of the brush to define and give volume to the eyelashes and the corners of the eyes.

WARNINGS: do not ingest, keep out of reach of children.


Cleopatra | High Extension Mascara
Cleopatra | High Extension Mascara Sale price€25,00