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Celebrate Christmas with the Lumadea Makeup Beauty Box!
Here's what you'll find inside our exclusive Christmas Box, with an elegant clutch bag as a gift:

REMOVER make-up removing butter is composed of COSMOS certified Liposomal Snail Serum and a complex of 5 natural oils: Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil. Removes make-up and all impurities effectively, without irritating and without leaving an unpleasant oily film; making your daily evening routine easier.

C leopatra - high extension mascara a creamy formulation that covers the eyelashes with a thin film of color allows good definition and lengthening of the eyelashes thanks to the liposomal snail serum. the long hold is obtained with the use of two different highly adaptable gelling agents and 3D fibres, for a spectacular result, curled and volumised lashes in a single coat.

Stop Imperfection The DD Cream Face Primer Corrector combines the properties of an anti-age face primer with those of the foundation, thanks to the unique presence of Liposomal Snail Serum, new generation soft focus encapsulated micropigments allowing us a single colour, 5 acids hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights and sun protection SPF 25 protects from UVA/UVB sun rays and environmental aggressions, safeguarding the skin from ageing. This futuristic multi-active formula provides the skin with intense nourishment, well-being and also revitalizes it.

Clutch designed by Lumadea to contain all your makeup products, an elegant and functional accessory making your beauty routine even more special!

Christmas Box Makeup
Christmas Box Makeup Sale price€85,00