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Naturally rich in functional substances such as mucopolysaccharides, allantoin, collagen, elastin, vitamins, minerals, lactic acid and glycolic acid, as well as amino acids, peptides and enzymes which synergistically carry out a restorative and repairing action capable of also promoting turnover by promoting cell regeneration. The high quantity of mucopolysaccharides contained carries out a protective action against external agents and determines the formation of an invisible "hydrogel" capable of promoting and prolonging skin hydration; the α-hydroxy acids contained, in particular lactic acid and glycolic acid, act by breaking the bonds established between the keratinocytes of the stratum corneum, in such a way as to exert an exfoliating, non-aggressive action, which promotes the tissue regeneration by stimulating cytogenesis which gives the facial skin a more uniform, luminous and radiant appearance.

Products that contain "Snail slime": Intensive cream / Hand Cream / Body Cream / Milk & Tonic / Dren-HA / Face Cream NEW FORMULA / Body Scrub / Face Elixir / Disposable Face Mask / Anti-Wrinkle Serum / Eye and Lip Serum / Face Cream for impure skin / Body Mud / Massage Body Cream