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Lumadea Climate Commitment

We take environmental responsibility seriously.

We understand the impact e-commerce deliveries can have on our planet due to carbon emissions. To address this challenge, we are committed to supporting innovative initiatives aimed at removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Through collaboration with cutting-edge companies in this field, we have contributed to:

  • Eliminate thousands of tons of carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Ensure orders were shipped in a carbon-neutral manner.

Our approach works like this: for each order placed, we apply a specific formula to estimate the emissions generated by the shipment. Based on these estimates, we allocate a portion of our revenues to companies specializing in carbon removal, carefully selected and validated by Carbon Direct experts.

These funds are used to neutralize the carbon footprint produced by our shipments. Any remaining funds are invested in the development of new carbon capture technologies.

At Lumadea, environmental responsibility is not just a commitment, but a mission that guides us in all our actions. Our dedication towards a more sustainable future is manifested through concrete practices and targeted collaborations, demonstrating that it is possible to combine commercial success and respect for the environment.

We are proud of the results achieved so far, but we don't stop here. We will continue to explore and invest in innovative solutions to further reduce our environmental impact, supporting our planet and future generations. The journey towards sustainability is long, but together, step by step, we can make a difference.