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Article: SpaghettiMag - Make up: all the must haves for the month of April

SpaghettiMag - Make up: tutti i must have del mese di aprile

SpaghettiMag - Make up: all the must haves for the month of April

Craving for summer? Here are the must haves for perfect make up.

With the heat of April also comes a good mood: everything becomes lighter, the mood, the music, the diet and obviously the make-up change. If everything is renewed, our beauty case is also renewed: what do you choose when summer arrives and short escapes from the city begin?

Spaghettimag recommends Lumadea® , and its Essential and Fresh lines, suitable for all face and body needs: hydrate, protect and illuminate, thanks to the black pearl, naturally rich in amino acids and soothing and regenerating mineral salts, enhanced from time to time from targeted assets.

What does your skin need? Find out with Lumadea.

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