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Article: Italo Magazine - Kissed by the Sun

Italo Magazine - Baciati dal Sole

Italo Magazine - Kissed by the Sun

Traveling with Lumadea: here are the news for summer 2022.

We are all ready to leave for this summer: hot, happy and reborn. Don't forget Lumadea sunscreens in your suitcase: Italo Magazine also reminds you, which talks about the beauty of tanning, but also how important it is to protect yourself! Tanning becomes real skincare: remove impurities with the Gommage scrub and then you can proceed with sun protection by choosing between SPF 30 or 50 . After the beach, don't forget the After Sun for a hydrating and soothing action!

Kissed* by the sun and Lumadea sun products!

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Lumadea® al Cosmoprof 2022

Lumadea® at Cosmoprof 2022

We finally had the opportunity to participate in Cosmoprof again and in person. Contact with people has allowed us to explain what the values ​​of Lumadea ® are, also giving us the opportunity t...

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DAILYMOOD - Lumadea presenta la nuova linea di make up

DAILYMOOD - Lumadea presents the new make up line

Do you want glowing skin? The Lumadea Regenerating Mask is a must-have that cannot be missing from your beauty routine. The formula made up of three different hyaluronic acids manages to rea...

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