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Article: Dailymood - 10 must haves to wake up your skin in spring

Dailymood - 10 must have per risvegliare la pelle in primavera

Dailymood - 10 must haves to wake up your skin in spring

Do you want glowing skin? The Lumadea Regenerating Mask is a must-have that cannot be missing from your beauty routine.

The formula made up of three different hyaluronic acids manages to reach deeper to take care of your skin! In the formula, in addition to Cosmos certified snail slime, we also find hydrating and elasticizing Argan oil.

Dedicate yourself 20 minutes, apply the Regenerating Mask and then massage the residue onto your face! To increase the sensation of fresh tonicity, leave the mask in the fridge for about ten minutes before opening it.

Summer begins, start shining with Lumadea!

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Lumadea® is 100% Cruelty Free

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